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"Yes, Prearrangment is when someone makes informal arrangements for a funeral prior to death, without  paying any money for any future goods or services. In contrast,  Preneed or prepaid arrangements involve not only making plans prior to a death, but also paying for the future goods and services in advance of it."

Yes. Arkansas Prepaid Funeral Benefits Law allows for a contract purchaser / customer who has a pre-need contract with one funeral home to re-assign, or transfer that contract to a new "substitute provider" or funeral home.

"Yes. While Medders Funeral Home is listed as the beneficiary of the prepaid funeral contract, you remain the owner. As owner, you can take the value of the policy or contract, and apply it toward any services with a new funeral home, or substitute provider of your choice."

"Simply gather the prepaid contract documents you have in your possession, and bring them in with you. Once, we have reviewed your paperwork we will explain the re-assignment / transfer process to you. Should you decide to use Medders Funeral Home as your "new" funeral service provider, we will then complete any required transfer forms, and will work with your previous funeral home to get your contract / policy moved over to us."

"Yes - Whether your existing prepaid benefits contract is designated as being "revocable" or "irrevocable," Arkansas Prepaid Funeral Benefits Law allows for that prepaid contract to be re-assigned/ transferred to a new substitute provider funeral home. Please be advised that there are some restrictions that may apply on "irrevocable" contracts; but we will be happy to explain the requirements of the Arkansas Prepaid Benefits Law with you, if you have any questions."

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